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Safety is very important, especially when operating machinery and working around potentially hazardous situations. That's why we provide you with the quality safety equipment you need in order to get the job done incident free.

Dependable safety products


Tools are a big part of your trade if you are a machinist, woodworker, etc. Not using the appropriate safety equipment could cost you a limb, an eye, or even your life. Stop by Allied Fastener Corp. today and browse or extensive safety equipment selection. If you can't find what you need, we'll order it for you.

Safety glasses

Stay safe when using your tools



•Dust masks

•Eye protection

•Head and face protection

•Hearing protection

•Respiratory protection

•Hand protection

•And much more

Woodworking is a great job and hobby but remember to wear the proper safety gear.

Always protect your eyes, and have the necessary first aid supplies on

hand in the event of an accident. It is always best to be prepared and Allied Fastener Corp. can help you do

just that.

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Safety products we offer:

We help you prepare

We want you to be safe no matter what tools you are using. We offer fasteners, screws, saw blades, and much more. Anytime you are working with tools you should always take proper safety precautions and our team of experts can help you find the ones that'll work best for you.

Safety products, tools, and accessories