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Allied Fastener Corp's stretch film is highly durable and can be used for all your palletizing and bundling needs.

Protect your products with stretch film


From the biggest projects to the smallest ones, you'll find the just the right size of stretch film at our store. Some retailers put a hefty price on this useful product but you'll find our prices to be fair, competitive, and something you can live with.

Various lengths and guages available

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•18 In x 1500 Ft rolls

•3 In x 3 In stretch

•5 In x 5 In stretch

•All gauges and widths available

•Tools and accessories

Unsure of the type of stretch film or tape that you need? Let one of our associates steer you in the right direction.

Need stretch film? We got you covered. Call:


Types of Stretch Films  

Types of Tapes

Check out all the other great products we offer such as fasteners and tools. We have everything you need to knock that project out of the park. We also offer a variety of safety equipment.

So many great products waiting to be discovered

•Masking tape

•Packaging tape

•Filament tape

•Double sided tape

•Duck tape

•Cloth tape

Bundle of stretch films