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Screws are much stronger than nails and can easily be removed if they need to be. In our inventory, you'll find screws that will hold wood, sheet metal, and more. Trust in our friendly staff to help you find the screws that are appropriate for your project.

Screws for everyday projects


There are different types of screws for different materials. If you have to fasten pieces of metal together then you will use sheet metal screws. For fastening wood together you would partical board screws. Allied Fastener Corp. offers a wide variety of screws for many different applications.

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•Flat head

•Pan head

•Truss head

•Modified truss head

•Philips drive

•Square drive

When you are looking for quality hardware, look to Allied Fastener Corp.

If you are a wood worker or manufacturer, you can find a large variety of woodworking products you need in order to grow your business and complete your projects at Allied Fastener Corp.

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For woodworking projects you need  hard working tools. Get fasteners, accessories, and safety products for any venture you are working on.

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•Course thread

•Fine thread


•Particle board


•Sheet metal